Hellenic Republic

Guess where we’re off to?!


Thailand Paradise

A couple months back we came across a Scoopon with a fantastic deal to Thailand including flights and accommodation SO.. We booked! – We’ve definitely become Scoopon addicts! We’re staying for 10 nights; the first 5 nights at Dewa Phuket Beach Resort and the final 5 nights at The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort and Spa which is located on Koh Yao Noi Island.

We are so excited to get away from this cold Melbourne weather and experience what Thailand has to offer!
And we’ll have to tell you all about it!

Has anyone else been to Thailand before and stayed in the same area that we’re going to?
What was your favourite part of the trip and what do you recommend?

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So, enough about that, tonight we ventured off to Hellenic Republic as a going away dinner with our families. 

Hellenic Republic


Usually when you go to a Greek restaurant you anticipate an onslaught of meat.. meat and more meat. 
Not to mention that uncomfortable feeling of fullness.
But no, not this time.

Hellenic Republic has a fantastic atmosphere, loud, authentic, and cosy with a great view of the kitchen complimented by a diverse menu of Greek cuisine.

Wait staff were brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable of the menu; our waitress took the time out to chat and ensure we were always satisfied. The food had great flavours however portions were rather small and presentation for the most past, greatly failed to impress.

Hellenic Republic Pita and Dips

Pita - 4.50
Warm pita bread 

Coming to a Greek restaurant, it’s only tradition that you order pita bread! Fresh and warm, a must have with the dips.

Taramosalata – 10.00
White cod roe dip 

This dip was brilliant, definitely the standout of the three dips. A slight fishy flavour but not too overpowering, a must try – like nothing you’ve ever tasted before!

Hellenic Republic Fava Dip

Fava – 9.00
Yellow Split pea, truffle oil, shallots, capers 

Hummus-like, however, quite bland. We tend to prefer fresher, cleaner dips.

Hellenic Republic Tzatziki

Tzatziki – 9.00
Cucumber, dill, garlic, olive oil, yoghurt

Fresh with a good balance of flavours, you can’t go wrong with tzatziki.

Hellenic Republic Tyri Saganaki

Tyri Saganaki – 14.50
Kefalograviera cheese with peppered figs 

Juicy and mouthwatering, the figs didn’t seem necessary, the two components taste much better eaten apart.

Hellenic Republic Haloumi

Haloumi – 14.00
Grilled Halloumi, Byzantine dressing 

Quite dry and sponge-y, this was our first time eating haloumi and honestly not a fan – it had a distinct burnt flavour as well; perhaps over cooked, disappointing to say the least.

Hellenic Republic Kipriaki Salata Dimitriakon

Kipriaki Salata Dimitriakon – 11.00
Cypriot salad of grains, pulses, nuts, yoghurt 

This was a great side salad, light on the palette with a good combination of flavours.

Hellenic Republic Lahanosalata

Lahanosalata – 9.00
Cabbage salad, balsamic, honey, kefalograviera cheese

Another great salad, refreshing and went well to break up the main of meat.

Hellenic Republic Htenia

Htenia – 6.00 a piece
Hervey Bay scallop, kataifi, eggplant and zucchini salsa 

Cooked very well, creamy and presentation on the shell was quite nice.

Hellenic Republic Garithes

Garithes – 18.00
Chargrilled tiger prawns, lemon, garlic, ouzo salt 

Fantastic presentation, these were a stand out. Cooked to perfection and pleasantly fresh, however, clawing the meat out of its shell was a task in itself.

Hellenic Republic Kotopoulo Psistaria

Kotopoulo Psistaria – 25.00
Free range chicken from the spit 

Chicken was nice but chicken’s chicken, right?

Hellenic Republic Arni Sto Fourno

Arni Sto Fourno – 29.00

Slow roasted shoulder of lamb, garlic, oregano 

Very tender and melts in your mouth, seasoned well – presentation wise.. err yeah.. about that.. just close your eyes.

Hellenic Republic Loukoumathes

Loukoumathes – 12.50
Hellenic doughnuts, honey, cinnamon, walnuts 

Now, dessert is always the best part of the meal. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, who are you? Who doesn’t like a big mouthful of dessert? These doughnuts were delicious, sweet and drenched in honey. Who could resist this golden ball of goodness?

Hellenic Republic Baklava Yianniotiko

Baklava Yianniotiko – 3.50
Baklava from Yiannena 

Yummy, yummy, yummy! You can’t go wrong with baklava, always sweet and delicious.

Hellenic Republic Ekmek Kataifi Pagoto

Ekmek Kataifi Pagoto – 12.00
Kataifi pastry, semolina custard, mastic ice-cream, sour cherry glyka 

This dessert was interesting, wrapped in a noodle-like pastry, complete with cherries and custard. Presentation was lovely, although, this was more of a one-hit-wonder. Initial impression was delicious, however, texture just didn’t work, can’t say it tickled our tastebuds; failing to hold the same punch it did after several bites.

Hellenic Republic Ambience

Overall Recommendations

  • For an entree, the Taramosalata with Pita is a must have!
  • Tyri Saganaki, delicious, great for a starter.
  • Either of the side salads, depends on what you like, both fantastic!
  • Garithes – the prawns won’t disappoint!
  • Arni Sto Fourno – the lamb was beautifully tender, presentation is a concern which must be addressed.
  • Baklava Yianniotiko, if you love sweet treats, this is a must have!

Food: 8/10
Value for money: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10

Pros: Knowledgeable service, authentic atmosphere, diverse Greek cuisine menu
Cons: Sloppy presentation, small portions, overpriced
Would we return? Yes, food is lovely – however, we’re aware of what to order and what not to for next time

Hellenic Republic Info
Phone: 9381 1222
Mon – Thurs: 5:30-9:30 pm
Friday: 12:00-4:00 pm, 5:30-9:30 pm
Sat – Sun 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, 5:30-9:30 pm
Website: http://www.hellenicrepublic.com.au/
Address: 434 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057

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